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The legend lives on

Château La Haye is part of a long wine tradition dating back to 1557 when Sire Janot Bernard of Leyssac acquired the property and planted the first vines. The Châteaux is one of the oldest in Saint-Estèphe and has remained within the same family for 370 years.

According to legend, this château served King Henri II and Diane de Poitiers as their hunting lodge. At the time Henri II was married to Catherine de Medici, but Henri II used the sprawling rolling hills to charm Diane de Poitiers throughout their romance. Their monogram, H and D is interlaced and engraved in stone at the entrance to the Château. The royal monogram has now become the symbol of Château La Haye and decorates all our labels.

In 2012, Chris Cardon, first laid eyes on the property while running the Marathon du Médoc, he immediately fell in love.

The terroir

Land of Grand Vins, Saint-Estèphe is situated at the almost very centre of the Médoc. Over the millennium, the many layers of earth sediment explain the diversity of landscapes and different colors of soil. Everywhere the ground is covered by quartz and stone, mixed with a gravel soil surface which gives the wine a special finesse.

The vines of La Haye find themselves on dominantly clay-limestone and fine gravel soil. Several varieties of grapes are cultivated and contribute to the complexity of our wines:

45% merlot
45% cabernet sauvignon
4% small verdot
4% cabernet franc
2% malbec

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International recognition

Year after year, our wines receive good reviews and medals.

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What our clients say

Geert C.
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Un vin savoureux avec un bon cassis apprivoisé Cassis de terre
Walter G.
Read More
Saint-Estèphe 2016
Rochers savoureux mais pouvant encore se coucher, thym, laurier, un peu de vanille, poivre chaud au nez et un peu de café et de caramel avec une touche sucrée
Paul S.
Read More
Saint-Estèphe 2009
Joli bordeaux sec. Il s'anime après 45 minutes de carafe. Goût doux et corsé, lorsqu'on le boit.
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aSaint-Estèphe 2016
Un beau vin, encore jeune mais déjà très savoureux
Frederik C.
Read More
Saint-Estèphe 2014
Vin rouge ferme avec un caractère jeune et ferme. Couleur rouge pourpre avec beaucoup de fruits rouges et noirs au nez. Le vin qui fait aussi ressortir le bois. Il est encore un peu jeune et semble donc un peu anguleux. Encore 5 ans environ et ensuite j'aimerais goûter à nouveau ce vin.

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